1. Choose the competition you want to enter.
  2. Answer the multiple-choice skill question correctly.
  3. Pick your tickets number/s from the grid.
  4. Click Enter Now.
  5. View Basket and then Proceed to Checkout to buy your tickets.

You will then receive an email confirming your purchase and your chosen ticket numbers.

You can enter each individual competition up to a maximum number of times stated on each competition page. The maximum number of entries per competition varies depending on prize value and ticket price.

Lower ticket prices will usually allow a higher amount of entries to be purchased and vice versa. The maximum number of entries per competition will always be clearly displayed in the specific prize information page.

You must answer the questions correctly for your number to be entered into the draw. If you answer incorrectly you will still be charged and your number will become available for someone else to pick.

Each competition has a pre-set draw date. This will be displayed on the prizes specific listing page. Competitions will usually run for a minimum of 7 days up to a maximum of 21 days depending on the number of tickets available for the specific competition. The more tickets available when the prize goes live, the longer the competition will run up to 21 days. Please see our terms and conditions for full info re this.
We will always bring the competition draw date forward as soon as all tickets are sold. For example, if all tickets sell in 7 days on a 21 day competition, we will bring the draw forward accordingly. We will notify all entrants via email and our Facebook page of any early draw dates.

If all tickets aren’t sold by the competition draw date, we will extend the draw date by 7 days to allow the remaining tickets to be sold. If the tickets remain unsold after this extension, anyone who has purchased a ticket/s will automatically be given a full refund.

Once all tickets are sold and the draw is closed all entries will be posted on our website within 24 hours. This will include your draw number and your name. This is the information we will use during the LIVE draw to decide the winner. This allows you to watch the live draw with your ticket number(s) in front of you.

Googles random number generator will be used to choose the winner. The name linked to the winning number chosen will be the winner of the prize. This will be drawn LIVE on Facebook at a pre announced time and date which will be displayed on our Facebook page.

This depends on which prize you have won. If you have won a car or a motorcycle, you can either collect the car from one of our locations, a pre-agreed location or we can deliver the prize to an address in the UK. This address will be provided to all winners. Or you can choose to have the vehicle delivered to you anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you choose this option, we will ask that you send us a photo of you taking collection of the car to be included on our winners’ page on our website.
If you win a prize bundle e.g; A Gadget or Home Cinema bundle, or prizes small enough to be sent to you by post, we will send these to you using a national courier service within 14 days of the winner being announced.

No. We use Facebook to stream our live draws. Our live draw results will be posted on the website within 24 hours of them being drawn and winners will be contacted soon after the draw by phone and email.